MG 1/100 PLAN303E ディープストライカー 1/100 MG DEEP STRIKER (GUNDAM SENTINEL) [4549660240341]

販売価格 Price: ¥14,730(税別)

(税込価格 Tax-included price: ¥16,203)

希望小売価格 List Price: ¥21,600


商品詳細 Description

■MGシリーズ200体達成を記念して、「ガンダムセンチネル」から大型アイテム「PLAN303E ディープ・ストライカー」が登場!



Initiate Plan303E! Celebrating both the 30th Anniversary of the photo novel Gundam Sentinel and the release of 200 Master Grade kits, Bandai brings to reality the massive mobile suit weapons platform, code name: Deep Striker. Originally existing as a drawing, the S Gundams theoretical upgrade module for assault operations has never been animated or featured in a story, but has gained massive fame for its heavily armed appearance.